It's time to Redefine Sales. 

It's not about your product or service, it's about people. No one buys your product or service. They buy what your product or service will do for them...how it will change their business or life. When you have a person-focused approach you get to the 'heart of the matter.' This is where the relationship begins and real value is added. 

JumpStart combines soft skills* with a highly successful sales process that Redefines Sales. It's about you being the best version of yourself and making an impact. Selling shouldn't be hard...it should be a guided conversation 

that produces Results. 

*Consider soft skills a combination of ... emotional intelligence, intrapersonal and interpersonal skills,

communication skills, creativity, storytelling, amongst so many other abilities!

Are you ready to...
  • Stop chasing prospects and be an in-demand advisor?

  • Quickly and effectively qualify prospects vs. wasting time with suspects?

  • Invest your time, energy and focus on deals that close?

  • Control of the sales process while having consistent and improved results?

  • Know how to handle any sales situation?

  • Sell based on value and stop haggling over price?

  • Rapidly close more sales with increased profitability?

  • Have a consultative sales approach that focuses on Authentic Business Conversations?

  • Execute strong solution and decision meetings with higher closing ratios?

  • Differentiate yourself from the competition?​

This sales training program is exactly what the name implies: A JUMP START of sales best practices that you can implement immediately. This training is designed to jumpstart your results by focusing on the steps of a

successful selling process, high-impact skills & techniques along with the mindset required for success.

JumpStart training is designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, and salespeople who are

serious about growing and ready to take their business to the next level. 

"Change the way you approach sales

and every prospect interaction

you have, will change."

Sonya Giffin

The Foundation of Sales Performance (or any performance for that matter) is based on who you are and how you show up. In addition to the sales process, skills and techniques, we'll dive into your beliefs, internal dialogue, emotions, energetic presence, habits, and other aspects that impact your results in sales (and life!).  

JumpStart Training Includes

  • TBD after conversation with Carey

  • Small group training customized to participants

  • Training Manual

  • Personal Sales Assessment

  • One Hour Private Coaching Session (Post-Training)

  • Complimentary attendance to attend an additional Jump Start Training within 12 months

  • Invitation to participate in reinforcement options at a reduced investment

Reinforcement options

  • Private Coaching​

  • Group Coaching

  • Webinars

  • Quarterly Training Sessions on special topics

  • Online Training Library

  • Private Sales Team Training for Businesses/Groups

  • Sales Leadership Program

Due to Coronavirus you can now participate in JumpStart virtually. The virtual session is offered in four 3-hour sessions spread over 2 weeks. The 1.5 day in-person training of JumpStart Live will be offered once the emergency state of the virus subsides.

  • Add Investment amount based on what is included with JS

  • Add scheduled sessions - TBD due to virus

  • Add virtual training option for JS due to virus?

  • how to connect to other sales offerings - coaching, JS online & sales library

  • TBD after conversation with Carey

"Don't be afraid to give up the good

to go for the great." 

John D. Rockefeller

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Seasoned Professional?

You know how important it is to be a trusted advisor to your clients. You also know that your success depends on staying fresh and sharpening your skills. If you've been in sales long enough, you have probably learned a lot and have some good habits. There is also the possibility that you have picked up some negative habits, self-limiting beliefs, and parts of your sales process aren't as effective as you'd like. Jump Start will build upon your foundation while providing new aspects and insights that will serve you. 


Newcomer to Sales?

Lucky you! You have the opportunity to start your career with a powerful process and tools that work. You'll walk away with a process, strategies, tools, and insights that will be the foundation for your career.