Maxed Sales

Driving sales performance to 

higher levels of excellence & impact.


If you change the way your approach sales,

every prospect interaction you have will change...and so will your results.

Gain Confidence

with a Clear Process

Know  How to Handle

Any Sales Situation

Grow Your Top &

Bottom Line Revenue

Are you frustrated because you're still...

  • Winging sales meetings?

  • Wasting time with prospects who don’t buy?

  • Unsure how to handle last minute negotiations?

  • Struggling with lengthy sales cycles? 

  • Uncertain how to handles stalls & objections?

  • Experiencing rollercoaster sales results?

An outdates sales approach may be keeping you

from reaching your potential.  

It’s time to Redefine Sales.

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Get The Growth Results You Want Without 'Selling'

Sales professionals have the opportunity to exponentially grow results when they stop selling and start serving. How do you achieve this? By utilizing a proven system that moves you out of the salesperson role and into the advisor/partner role.


Confidently Handle

Any Sales Situation

Be in control of every

sales meeting

Quickly & effectively

qualify prospects

Sell on value and stop

haggling over price

Say 'no' and walk

away confidently

Know how to deal with the 

incumbent provider


Secure & Retain

More Ideal Clients 

Invest your time, energy & focus on deals that close

Build long-term

client relationships

Be an in-demand Advisor

Lead Authentic Business Conversations to maximize impact

Attain more business with

increased  profitability 



Relax with Expert Support 

When You Need It


Virtual & 

In-person Training 

Individual & Group Coaching

Accountability & Measurement


Ongoing development & tools

24/7 Online Training

& Reinforcement

Assessments & Benchmarking


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3 Steps to Growth





To know the right solution, requires a conversation about your current state, desired results and any roadblocks. 

Next, we'll identify the best set of tools & resources to where you want to be as quickly as possible.





Dive into your customized program of strategy, training and/or coaching to attain the results you want. 

To maximize results, you'll need to fully commit to YOU...

keep what's working and change what's not.




Stop doubting yourself and worrying about sales. 


Selling shouldn’t be hard…it should be an Authentic Business Conversation that produces results and growth.

Enjoy being able to focus your time and energy where you want it. 

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We're Both Invested In Your Success

Attain Results


Immediately start

saving by time quickly qualifying leads and 

not wasting time with unqualified ones.


Shorten your sales cycle and increase revenues. 

If We're Not a Fit,

We Stop

We'll agree on a

customized program

to help meet your goals.


If you feel the return on investment isn't enough,

we'll stop with no further

investment required. 

Proven Results You Can Count On

Our solutions provide 

tangible sales results for individuals, small

and mid-sized 

companies,  regardless

of industry or

organizational structure. 

How to Stop Chasing Prospects

Who Will

Never Buy

Boost Your Sales Savvy Today

Stop wasting precious time on prospects who are not a good fit or stringing you along keeps you from serving the clients who ARE right for you.  Download this free guide to learn how to recognize the signs and how to handle them smoothly and confidently. 

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Leadership Maxed

Effective leadership is a prerequisite for healthy organizations…leaders impact culture, engagement

and results.

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Teams Maxed

The way we work is fundamentally changing. Now more than ever, the single most untapped competitive advantage is teamwork.

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Coaching Maxed

To successfully navigate a changing world requires

increased awareness and effectiveness.  As a result of coaching, individual and business performance is improved.

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